I'm a certified master dog trainer and behavioral consultant. I'm also pet CPR and first aid certified. As a member of Pet Sitter's International, The International Association of Canine Professionals, and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers you can rest assured I am well trained and more importantly staying well trained as a pet dog professional.


In the past few years my wife and I have boarded and trained over a hundred dogs of all different breeds, sizes, and temperaments. I have dealt with all types of behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, possessiveness, barking, biting, marking, fears and more. As owners all have different preferences with their dogs, I utilize a combination of traditional aversion and modern positive reinforcement training methods, but can cater to an owner's specific requests.


From all my experience I have learned that each dog is unique and requires their own specific blend of care. For dogs with issues, a rehabilitiation program around the dogs partiucular needs and peculiarities is utilized.


Otherwise all dogs receive not only physical care but mental. Dogs learn how to socialize in a pack. They receive constant supervised socialization in a calm balanced environment that teaches appropriate interacting skills. Dogs go on pack walks which create structure, and they learn that all dogs are equal in the pack.


I understand the special bond owners and dogs have so I do everything I can to respect that. I treat your dog like I would treat my own. Prior to any dog staying with my wife and I, I ask a detailed spreadsheet be completed letting me know all about the dog and the owner preferences. It provides me with all the important basic details, such as feed times, amounts, spayed/neutered, medication etc. But more importantly it lets me know what your dog dislikes, and what your dog likes. I want their stay to be as comfortable as possible.


I provide at least 3 walks a day, training, and plenty of play for tons of physical and mental stimulation.


Included in the boarding, I'll be happy to do basic and advanced obedience training including but not limited to: Heel, Sit, Automatic Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, Come.


I'll also work on any behavioral issues your dog may have such as: Pulling on leash, Separation Anxiety, Possessiveness, Aggression, variety of fears, etc.


For those dogs with lengthier stays I can teach tricks. Toby can do sit, down, all the way down, stand, left hand, right hand, heel, rollover, play dead, stay, wait( for food ), up, high five, low five, crawl under, jump over, come, go to *person*, bow, fetch, bring it, drop it. Most importantly, Toby knows how to kiss kiss!


Also, I will do basic grooming like bathing and clipping nails and brushing teeth and fur.


I have a car in case pick up or drop off is requested. I can work around an owner's schedule and ultimately try to be accomodating as possible.


I live in a duplex apartment in the heart of Queens with my wife Julie, and my Golden Doodle Toby. The apartment has a balcony and a large outdoor terrace where the dogs can enjoy the outdoors even while safely at home. If it gets too sunny I can put up a canopy, and when it gets too hot I put up a dog pool.

Otherwise my apartment is fully equipped for all types of dogs. I have tons of toys, treats, dog beds, gated enclosure for puppies, a variety of fur brushes, outdoor and indoor hoses, and a treadmill.

I am within walking distance of Juniper Park and Sherry Park Dog Run where my dog Toby loves to play with others off leash. As Toby is well trained, your dog will always have at least one playmate throughout his/her stay.

In case of emergencies I am insured, and within a 5 minute walk to 24 hour Elmhurst emergency animal hospital.